Industry Focus


Banking and Financial Services

Customer centricity has become the cornerstone for financial institutions globally. Increasing customer sophistication is catalyzing business innovation, which in turn drives top line and bottom line growth. Moreover, financial institutions are being inundated with compliance and regulatory requirements, straining their resources.

In response, financial institutions are pressing ahead with customer-focused innovative methods to optimize business processes, consolidate IT systems and simplify customer service while complying with regulatory norms and enhancing security. In an effort to keep the house in order, enterprises have begun to understand the benefits associated with business process management (BPM), service oriented architecture (SOA) and the like.

CSI helps banks and financial services firms enhance innovation, manage transformation and comply with regulations while driving efficiency and managing risks. Our talented global resources combined with deep industry skills help financial institutions address business needs and achieve positive, measurable ROI. CSIs BPM and SOA expertise help provide a consistent enterprise view, facilitate transformation, bring best practice workflows and increase operational efficiency.

CSIs deep experience working with Fortune 500 financial institutions and industry-leading software vendors provides a unique advantage to cross-leverage skills and best practices. Leading retail & wholesale banks, card services, lending firms, investment banks, securities traders and brokerage firms all have partnered with CSI to conceive, transform and optimize software platforms to meet their business imperatives. CSI also works with leading software companies in the areas of BPM, cash management, online customer self-service, enterprise content management, and banking and payment technologies, providing the entire range of services from product conceptualization to implementation and through to customer implementation and support.


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Services

The pharmaceutical industry continually faces rapid change pressure arising from increased competition, shorter market cycles, drug patent expirations, increasing regulatory oversight, and rising R&D costs. Leveraging IT effectively is now a table stake for pharmaceutical companies to compete in this fast paced environment.

IT investment by pharmaceutical companies has become their core strategy for reducing costs, improving revenue and quality, and meeting increasing stringent FDA and other compliance requirements. Our key service offerings for the pharmaceutical industry include:

Clinical Trials Management

Sales & Marketing

Regulatory Compliance

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Application Suite Modernization


Telecom Services

With the onset of globalization, global companies are looking at innovative, cost-effective and integral way of running their business. Catalyst works closely with telecom service providers to reduce their operating costs, establishing significant improvements in efficiency and ensures profitable growth through delivery of exceptional customer service.

Catalyst’s strength in telecom managed services lies in its strong proven models in strategic transformation and transition. Over the years, CSI has gathered rich experience and knowledge in this domain and tackled clients’ concerns of technology complexity, process maturity and integration, as well as transition issues through proven methodologies and quality of service.

CSI addresses client issues across the gamut of technologies. CSI has experience in various telecom network / technologies with a variety of telecom equipment vendors; this experience has been amassed by working in a host of domains, including product engineering, testing, system integration and network management.

Client Benefits:

Transforming services and aligning to business strategy.

Service consolidation to achieve immediate cost savings

Leverage IT and systems integration to achieve operational excellences and cost reduction.

Customizable to accommodate various customer scenarios.

Supported by established transition program management framework to mitigate various transition risks.

Proven transition framework that are well-defined with quality gates and defined deliverables.


Public Sector

Government and public sector organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver improved services to the citizens that they support. Over the last few years, these organizations have been driven to improve all aspects of the way they interact with the public. Public organizations need to be run as efficiently as possible and one of the major enablers of this is the implementation of sophisticated IT solutions to reduce the administration costs and enable them to compete with private organizations that offer similar services.

CSI has a complete pool of talented as well as experiences resources that can provide all the support to get the job done, whether it is integrating various technologies or talking across various departments. CSI has developed a comprehensive set of services for quality management and testing services to work with government and the public sector to mitigate the risks of major change programs and provide the level of independence that assures success.


Retail Services

The success of a retail business is measured on how it reaches its customer, on giving them what they want, when and where they want it. CSI recognizes that success in this sector is not just about establishing new business but about maintaining market share, loyalty and increasing service offerings.

The retail industry is also witnessing many physical and technological changes leading to consolidations, restructuring and also reorganizing the way in which the business is conducted. The use of leading edge technology to accurately assess the requirements of the business, and efficiently and effectively implementing a solution is a critical part of building competitive advantage.

By combining our industry knowledge, full range of skills and our expertise in the relevant technologies we help clients fulfill business opportunities and maximize their potential through:

Understanding and exploiting customer value through CRM solutions.

Designing and implementing processes to manage and control the quality of systems delivered rapidly on leading edge technology.

Implementing and operating solutions that test and monitor the satisfactory operation of self-service applications.

CSI has built a comprehensive service portfolio on quality management and testing to enable retailers to deliver and maintain responsiveness and reliability of internal and customer facing systems. We recognize that in this period of innovation and rapid change, these systems are becoming business critical and are forging a competitive advantage.