Networking and Infrastructure


Catalyst offers a wide range of network management services tailored for small and medium businesses with 150 or fewer employees. CSIs network management are geared towards overcoming the challenges small and medium businesses face, such as:

CSIs Network Management Services Advantages

Designed for ease of use and operational efficiency, these products provide many benefits to small and medium businesses. Cisco network management products can:

  • Reduce total cost of in-house network management staff
  • Boost productivity and increase user satisfaction by increasing network availability
  • Manage growth by simplifying and accelerating deployment and configuration
  • Reduce network operating costs, and streamline business processes by using network management tools to simplify daily network operations
  • 24*7 on-site support by our certified staff.
  • Custom-made network solution for your enterprise.
  • Cost effective solutions for small businesses including but not limited to managed network services.
  • Regular backup and recovery both on-site and off-site services available.
  • Both hardware and software support services provided.